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       "My favorite piece of advice
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" As you know there are many pleasures in life, but one pleasure I have found truly rewarding is teaching watercolor techniques to those who want to learn, especially to those who feel that watercolor painting is something they are unable to do."
Dawn McLeod Heim   

About the Artist


Hello, and welcome to Watercolor Painting and Projects. My name is Dawn McLeod Heim, author of the book "Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Watercolors".

Over the years I have had numerous inquiries and requests to create a website not only geared towards learning how to paint watercolor in a realistic manner, but also a place that fellow watercolor enthusiasts can have the opportunity to purchase and paint the class projects that I have taught my students.

Gaining a better understanding
watercolor demonstration
When I first began teaching, the students in my class ranged from beginners to award winners. After demonstrating my watercolor techniques on a painting that I had already been working on, I answered all their questions and they were finally ready to sketch and paint.

As I walked around the room to see how they were doing, I noticed that some students were having difficulty gauging the amount of pigment to use when mixing their colors, while others had trouble seeing and understanding values, and the students who were new to watercolor were lost because they hadn't yet learned the basics. There were even a few students admit they didn't know how to draw.

I decided the best thing to do was to teach those who were new to watercolor separately, starting with the basics. I needed to design a way of teaching that would accommodate all their needs, boost their confidence, and enable them to produce artwork they could be immediately proud of.

Developing my method of teaching
Once my beginning students had learned the basics, I was then able to incorporate them into my regular ongoing classes. I knew they still needed guidance and with a class size of 14 students all learning at different levels, I needed to figure out a method of teaching that would accommodate them all. After several weeks of jotting down notes, my interpretation of a "Class Project" was born.

The goal of my "Class Project" was to provide my students with as many visual aides and tools possible to make their learning process not only smooth and easy, but also successful.

Award winning results
I am pleased to say that after putting this method of teaching to the test over the years, the results have been remarkable. Not only have my students sharpened their skills and techniques, but they have also gained the confidence in themselves to create artwork on their own. They are now selling their paintings, entering shows and winning awards!

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