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Common Edge Softening Problems

  • Three examples with easy solutions

Softening watercolor edges is a skill that you may grasp right away, or it could possibly take you a few attempts to develop a knack for it. With time and practice, your skills and techniques improve. It's helpful to know what causes certain problems, and even better, how to fix and avoid them.

Below are a few of the common problems that might occur, along with solutions on how to fix them.

Edge Softening Problems and Solutions


Too much water in the brush caused the water to charge into the edge.

Example   1.


Blot a little more water from your brush before softening.



Paint dried too quickly,
causing a hard edge.
Example   2.


Speed up the painting process or stop after a short distance and soften a section of the edge.



The wash was too wet, causing the color to charge over too far.
Example   3.


Allow a few more seconds to dry before softening the edge.

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