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Introduction to Watercolor Projects

  • A recipe for success
  • What is included with each project
  • Conclusion

Have you ever found yourself staring at a painting that looked so real you felt as if you could just reach in and touch it, yet knowing it was painted on just a flat piece of paper? So how did that artist paint those objects to look so real? What painting technique can make an object appear so round? What colors can be used to paint autumn leaves?

These questions can seem almost endless, and finding answers to some of them might feel impossible, until now.

Learning how to paint flowers, trees, glass and other subjects by way of a watercolor project will not only help you discover the answers to those questions, but it will also give the confidence in your painting abilities to create amazing artwork of your own.

A Recipe for Success
These projects are all designed to help you begin experiencing the excitement of watercolor painting right away. The preliminary guesswork has already been done for you. All the information on which watercolors you will need, what size brushes, types of paper, are all explained.

The instructions will even guide you on which techniques to use, and the detailed line drawing helps make the areas to paint easy to follow.

All that's left to do is paint!
You will have the help and guidance of all the following visual aides, which are included with every project.

You will receive the following:
Detailed Line Drawing
line drawing
  Clear, sharp, traceable lines to transfer onto your watercolor paper. Every detailed line is there, just like in the original.

Complete step-by step instructions
  From start to finish, guiding you every step of the way. From which colors to mix, to what areas to paint. You will feel as if I am right there with you.

Hand painted color bar
hand painted color bar
  Actual color samples of the colors used in the project. Each of them hand painted onto a strip of watercolor paper to use as a guide when mixing your colors.

Original size color copy of the Underpainting
color copy of the underpainting
  Showing all the areas you will need to paint first. The hand painted color bar is also copied to use as a guide for matching your colors and their values.

Original size color copy of the final painting
color copy of the final painting
  Shows all the areas that need to be painted to complete your painting. The hand painted color bar is also copied to use as a guide for matching your colors and their values.

Image of the final painting
color image of the original painting
  Shows the exact color and values of the original painting.

Project folder
  Designed, not only for keeping all your project pages together, but also for placing on a bookshelf for future reference.
I hope you get as much enjoyment out of painting these projects as I did in creating them for you. Mat and frame them and hang them proudly in your home, and then wait for all the compliments you will soon be receiving from your family and friends. Or give them away as gifts to be cherished for a lifetime.

If you are new to watercolor, I hope this website has made your introduction to this wonderful medium an exciting and rewarding experience. Confidence comes with time and practice, so please be patient with yourself. Most of all, remember, "it's only a piece of paper". Paint the project as many times as you want until you feel pleased with your results.

If you are already familiar with watercolor, I hope you were able to learn some new techniques, enjoyed being introduced to some new and wonderful watercolors, and that these projects will help you gain some insight into creating realism by painting in layers.

Cheers and Happy Painting!

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