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Watercolor Painting

How to:
Paint a Wash
Charge Colors
Soften Edges
Lift, Scrub, and Blot

plus so much more!

Watercolor Projects

White Rose and Wine Project

Learn how to paint:

Still Lifes

and a variety of subjects:

Metal tins
Fine china
Picket fence
Thatched roof
Stained Glass

that's naming
just a few!

painting demonstration of the Stained Glass Irises project

How to Paint with Watercolors

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  •  Lessons
  •  Tips & Advice

Clear, easy to follow visual tutorials and hand painted examples will guide and teach you all of the basics, skills, and watercolor techniques, that will enable you to create beautiful paintings you can be proud of.

  Basics and Skills
Basics and Skills  are the fundamental building blocks of watercolor and the place to begin when learning about watercolor painting.

Which supplies you will need, how to mix colors, and all the other general basics.

Supplies  -  Colors  -  Mixing 

  Watercolor Techniques
Watercolor Techniques  are the methods that help us bring shape and form to our paintings, at the same time allowing us to express our creativity.

How to paint a wash, lift-out watercolor, and other popular techniques.

Wash  -  Charging  -  Lifting 

  Step-by-Step Lessons
Step-by-Step Lessons  are a great way to test your painting skills on simple subjects, before venturing on to painting a complete project.

Each lesson is broken down into easy to follow steps

Berries  -  Rose  -  Duckling 

  Projects to Paint
Projects to Paint  will teach you how to transfer a line drawing onto watercolor paper, break down the process of establishing an underpainting, and how to add the final touches to your painting.

Learn how to paint a variety of subjects

Drawing - Underpainting - Final


If you are new to watercolor you will benefit the most by starting at the beginning and learning all of the watercolor basics and skills.

If you are already familiar with watercolor and would like to learn more, click on any one of the four colored bars above.  Each bar will provide you with a list of topics for you to browse through. Whether you would like to learn more about watercolor basics, techniques, lessons, or projects, I am sure you will find quite a few that will interest you.

To start at the beginning, click on the "Properties of Watercolor"" link below. It will take you to the page where you will discover what makes watercolor such an exciting medium to paint with.

START:   Properties of Watercolor   

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